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Pattern Vinyl is a great way to add flare and customization to all of your work.  We offer tons of stock patterns and can customize or create a pattern to your needs.  If you do not see a pattern you need or need a custom print, please use the contact form.


  • Choose between permanent adhesive, htv and sublimation in various size options to suit your needs
  • 4x4 Sample or Monogram Size for those small jobs where you just need a little bit or want to sample our patterns.
  • 6x6 Half Sheets
  • 12x12 Sheets
  • Adhesive is a permanent adhesive.  If you are needing removable, please contact us.

**You will need transfer tape for application.  Transfer tape is sold separately------->

**Colors may vary due to monitor/display settings

**Patterns that show a glitter effect are faux glitter prints/patterns, not actual glitter vinyl (unless specified under Glitter Category)




  • Cut and weed material **Do not mirror your images**
  • Mask
  • Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
  • Apply design at 300°F / 149°C
  • Use medium pressure for 15 seconds
  • Peel  carrier warm


  • Print and cut your design (do not reverse/mirror)
  • Weed excess vinyl
  • Remove application tape’s paper liner and place on vinyl
  • Burnish with a Squeegee
  • Place on desired object and burnish with a squeegee then peel away the application tape

- Apply 400°F/204°C | Firm Pressure | 60 Seconds | Heat Press Required | Time/Temp Vary By Press
- Must be 65% - 100% Polyester | Note, anything less than 100% will yield 'vintage' look.
- Must be WHITE (recommended) or light color shirt. The color of your shirt (unless white) will show through the design and affect the ink colors.
- Butcher/Blowout paper required.
- All heat presses vary and may need more/less heat, time, or pressure.


**All photos of patterns are watermarked.  The "DO NOT COPY" you may faintly see on some images will not be on your finished product.



PriceFrom $1.50
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