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Custom Sublimation Transfers

Need sublimation transfers but dont have a printer?  Or are you limited to size and needing a larger transfer printed?  We are here to help!  Let us print your custom transfers for you.  

We use professional equipment and programs for color accuracy and vibrant prints.

  • 22.5"x36" Ganged sheets available. 
  • RTP means READY TO PRINT.  Meaning you are sending a 22.5x36 file with your images set up. If you are sending separate files, this is NOT RTP.  Please select the proper item when ordering to ensure timely production.  If your order is submitted incorrectly, it will be cancelled and you will need to again place a new order.

If you need a custom size or exact template, please send the details via the contact form and we will send you the quote and invoice.   FOR SIZING GUIDE PLEASE SEE PHOTOS AT TOP OF PAGE.

**PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR FILES USING THE UPLOAD FILES FORM.  If you can not use the form, please email your files to us AFTER placing your order and include your order number.

**Sizes are the max width or height of the image.  

**Design Fees may apply if desired request needs to be designed by us.

***Full colored images for can coolie size or larger will not be done on ganged prints OR in the rare case they are (which is our decision) an additional charge will apply which can be as much as 2x the cost per ganged print but not more than individual prints for that particular size.  


*Bulk pricing available please use the contact form.

*Continous prints can be up to 24"x110"

*For ganged sheets, unless you specify you want them cut down, this will come on a continous roll.  If you desire cut down, please contact us so we can invoice you accordingly.

Custom Sublimation Transfers

PriceFrom $1.00


    - Apply 400°F/204°C | Light Pressure | 60 Seconds | Heat Press Required | Time/Temp Vary By Press
    - Must be 65% - 100% Polyester | Note, anything less than 100% will yield 'vintage' look.
    - Must be WHITE (recommended) or light color shirt. The color of your shirt (unless white) will show through the design and affect the ink colors.
    - Butcher/Blowout paper required.
    - All heat presses vary and may need more/less heat, time, or pressure.


    * Sizes are approximate (slight variations), and measured at the longest side of design.
    * Colors may vary from what is displayed on your computer monitor and what is printed. Sublimation transfers will always look dull until pressed.
    * It is customers responsibility to know which transfer is needed for your specific project/shirt.
    * Please research what is needed/required for your project before you buy.
    * We are not responsible for user error. "Bleed through" of shirt pigment, scorching, wrong fabric content/color, or any other misuse. There are a LOT of how to/informational videos on YouTube.
    + Heat Press is required for sublimation.

    *We do not print Copyrighted images!

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